Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Self Esteem is the Mother of Perception

Looking at you today, I can not begin to describe how differently I feel.

Your once flawlessly silken hair is frizzy, split ends sticking out like millions of tiny spikes. Your face looks haggard. The lines around your mouth pronounced themselves in the shadows of the florescent hallway lighting, and for the first time ever I noticed the dark circles beneath your eyes. What was once a shape I envied now looks positively twig-like, and the clothes adorning it look sad somehow - too big? Too old? You look like a 40 year-old woman trying desperately to look 30.

All of this on a day when I feel FABULOUS! My new hair cut is perfect, and my clothes are fitting better than ever. I feel taller, thinner and happier! My posture is strong and my head is high. I am on top of the world.

And you, are not.

I can not believe I ever thought you were better than I.